10 Things for Your Video Editing Suite Under $200

We aren’t talking about USB coffee warmers or pen holders. Here are 10 things you could actually use around your video editing workstation.

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Make 14 hour editing sessions tolerable by getting your editing workstation in order. Here are some helpful things to have around your editing suite.

Note: We’re not sponsored by any of the products or vendors listed below. We encourage you to purchase products at the retailer of your choice!

1. Pen Tablet


Most video editors I know do their work with just a keyboard and mouse, but there are others, that simply swear by a tablet for a faster and more efficient editing experience. Wacom has made a name in recent years as the go-to manufacturer of pen tablets for creative professionals and their marketing to post-production pros, touting the benefits of better ergonomics, custom button mapping and a more fluid animating process.

If using a tablet seems intimidating, you can get in at a lower price point for some of the entry level models under $200. Give it a try in your editing work. If it sticks, upgrade to the Intuos Pro line and have your starter tablet as an on-the-go solution.

For more info on editing and animating with a tablet check out our previous post: Why Use a Wacom Tablet or Stylus for Post Production?

2. USB Hub

When you have a project on multiple hard drives and you already have your mouse or Wacom tablet hogging a port, you are going to need more USB ports. This is especially true when working on a laptop. Expand your USB capabilities with a hub…but avoid cheaply made hubs that likely won’t hold up to long term use (or being tossed around in a backpack). We love these aluminum Mac inspired models:

  • 1byone USB 3.0 7-PORT Aluminum HUB – $29.99
  • Xcellon 4-Port Powered USB 3.0 Aluminum Hub – $34.95
  • Satechi Premium 4 Port USB – $24.99

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